AWWU Public Information Campaign

The Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility (AWWU) constructs and manages Anchorage’s $7.9 billion investment in water and sewer infrastructure, the system that provides reliable water and wastewater services to more than 230,000 residents. Agnew::Beck contracted with AWWU to develop a proactive, integrated community education and outreach plan, designed to help the public more clearly understand the value of this infrastructure system, and the ongoing need to invest in system maintenance. Our firm dove into the details of the current system, both its physical elements – pipes, pumps and plants – as well the organization’s structure and finances. In addition, our team coordinated a public survey to better understand public views about AWWU and water and wastewater issues. Based on this background research, Agnew::Beck developed a detailed public information campaign, and helped the Utility share the materials to tell AWWU story. The campaign included the development of an overall brand communicating the importance of investments to fix infrastructure “before it breaks.” Specific outreach products and actions relay a handful of broad themes and consistent messages regarding the infrastructure system, investing in the future, public health and safety and a commitment to the environment. Campaign elements include an image library, educational factbooks, promotional posters, flyers, comment cards and templates for FAQs, a communications plan and other tools for outreach to schools and community organizations. This project resulted in active media coverage of several projects highlighting the Utility’s use of innovative technology and robotics to assess the condition of Anchorage’s water and wastewater infrastructure.