Curtis Fincher

Curtis is a recent addition to Agnew::Beck. He comes to us from City of Cordova, where he served as Special Projects Director. In that role he was successful in securing over $25 million for a new Cordova harbor, $20 million of which came from a successful US DOT RAISE application for which Curtis was the project manager and author. In his time at City of Cordova, Curtis worked closely with Native Village of Eyak and City of Cordova’s planning department to facilitate partnership between the organizations and to itemize practicable solutions for increasing Cordova’s affordable housing stock.

Curtis’ relies on quantitative data to make compelling funding cases, but is also comfortable designing interviews to express stakeholder preference on environmental and social justice issues where numbers alone commonly fall short. He is experienced in tailoring project budgets to match scope-of-work to available funding and in layering multiple funding sources to maximize match-fund leverage. Outside of his work with Agnew::Beck, Curtis owns and operates a small business in Cordova.