Ellen Campfield Nelson, AICP

Ellen joined our team in 2004 with several years of project management, graphic design work, teaching experience, and history and language study. She utilizes these diverse skills frequently in her planning work – facilitating discussions, designing informational materials, encouraging public involvement, and researching and writing.

Working with communities to find common ground and determine their own future are the elements of her job she most enjoys. She has won writing, teaching and graphics awards, including a national design award for work on a product development campaign.

Ellen is an ardent reader, decent telemark skier, and dabbling artist. After living in Anchorage through eleven winters, she relocated to Boise, Idaho in 2008 and now staffs the Agnew::Beck office there. She is a delighted mother of three under 3 (including twin girls), supportive spouse to her firefighting husband, Derek, and the harried caregiver of her energetic pudelpointer dog.