Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Agnew::Beck works with many community-serving organizations that are committed to building a healthy and vibrant future for the people and places they serve. We help our clients by facilitating effective work sessions and crafting focused, practical strategic plans. Our facilitators are skilled at building rapport with a wide range of stakeholders to find common ground among diverse viewpoints. Our team will help you to assess your current position, envision your desired future and identify concrete strategies and action steps to accomplish your goals.

Agnew::Beck works successfully in a range of settings including community planning workshops, staff trainings, and board retreats. We work with small and large organizations including the US Forest Service, the Alaska Section of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and Bristol Bay Native Association. We understand that communication, training, and teambuilding can make all the difference to an organization’s performance and capacity. Our team has conducted retreats and trainings on topics such as leadership and team decision-making, effective communication and staff management, and non-profit and tribal council roles and responsibilities.