Comprehensive & Community-Based Planning

Comprehensive and Community-Based Planning empowers communities to take charge of their futures. Our comprehensive and community-based planning approach encourages communities to address complex issues by focusing on shared values, community strengths and gathering data to build practical strategies. We believe an engaged community is key to success. We create citizen advisory groups to guide the planning process. We involve adopting bodies at key points so they have knowledge of and ownership of the plan and are more apt to approve the final plan. We want the plan to be used, so we build strategic and action planning components into the plan and use focused work sessions to assign responsibilities and identify funding sources. We celebrate the special qualities of the communities in which we work by developing branding for individual projects so that the plans and products have a look specific to the community.

We judge our success on our plans being adopted, implemented, and making a difference. We are proud of our work on the Big Lake Comprehensive Plan, where members of the citizen advisory committee developed a 501c3 to implement the trail recommendations in the plan. Another recent success was the Bethel Comprehensive Plan that passed unanimously and includes attainable strategies with clearly assigned roles and responsibilities. The Dillingham Comprehensive Plan responds to particular community needs by including components such as community wellness and energy. The Hillside District Plan in Anchorage includes innovative policies developed with the active and dedicated involvement of a citizen’s advisory group that is now implementing the plan.