Sustaining Our Commitment to Equity and Justice

Agnew::Beck works alongside communities and organizations to improve safety, vitality, and wellbeing for all people. 

We stand against racism: We are committed to listening to and amplifying voices of Black, Indigenous and all People of Color. We are committed to examining our own privilege and lack of racial diversity among our firm’s owners and staff. We will continue to use our own voices to elevate these issues and make them explicit where they are implicit.

We work towards equity and justice: So much of our firm’s work identifies data that demonstrate race-based disparities in health, education, household income, housing status, child safety and well-being. We are deeply committed to working with communities to unearth and articulate complete, data-informed stories that lead to community-supported actions. We must work together to dismantle and repair the ongoing effects of historical trauma, colonization, and policies and practices that protect and foster White-privilege. 

We are here and will be here: Today’s moment is urgent and we must stay focused on the long game. Decolonization and undoing centuries of racism requires deep, committed partnership. Our firm has served communities since 2002, and we are still just getting started. We are honored by the trust communities and clients place in us and we work every single day to continue to earn and live up to that trust. We are committed to being brave, listening deeply, speaking truth, and helping communities take bold actions for equity and justice for all.