Small Lodge Planning Assistance

Agnew::Beck was hired by the City of Aspen to provide technical assistance related to the development of the Small Lodge Incentive program. To ensure that Aspen’s bed base is diverse and accommodates tourists at a range of income levels, the City began implementing a Small Lodge Incentive program that provides a range of services including planning assistance, expedited land use and building permit review, reduced building permit fees, and a small lodge building code assessment, as well as access to other programs including the small lodge energy efficiency program. In order to roll out the program in the most effective way possible, the City contracted with Agnew::Beck to conduct interviews with 10 out of 13 small lodges in Aspen. The purpose of the interviews was to better understand the market dynamics that impact their business and identify key components of the incentive program that will be most beneficial to the lodge owners and operators. Based on this research, three lodges were identified as potential clients for the City’s new Small Lodge Incentive program, which could lead to the expansion of the small lodge bed base in Aspen.