Homer Recreation and Culture Needs Assessment

The Parks, Art, Recreation, and Culture (PARC) Needs Assessment determined the resources and prioritized the identified needs for the Greater Homer community (including the City of Homer and four neighboring census tracts: Anchor Point, Fritz Creek, Diamond Ridge, and Kachemak City) concerning PARC facilities and programs. To accomplish this, the project involved assessing community values, wants, and needs related to PARC resources; identifying gaps between identified needs and existing facilities and programs; and investigating strategies for meeting priority needs while recognizing the realities of finite resources. Agnew::Beck engaged stakeholders at three levels: PARC providers, PARC users, and the general public. A core advisory team, community workshop, community survey of almost 1,000 participants, and a statistically valid survey about public financing options helped inform the final report. Strategies included better use of existing facilities, improving efficiency and coordination of providing PARC resources and information sharing, and investigating options for new resources to support future recreation and culture improvements.