Alaska Partnership Project Implementation Support

The two-fold goal of the Alaska Partnership Project was to implement evidenced-based substance use and co-occurring disorder treatment for youth age 14-24 to support the successful transition to independent adulthood and develop the infrastructure and partnerships needed to increase the positive outcomes for these youth and reduce the cost of services. Agnew::Beck provided technical assistance to both the Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) and implementation sites throughout this project. In addition to providing administrative support for ongoing communication and information sharing among the committees, stakeholders and grantees, Agnew::Beck coordinated and facilitated meetings, provided technical support to the sub-grantees, developed and implemented processes to support the associated training hub, conducted surveys and was a key player in the development and implementation of plans and strategies. Starting in December 2017, Agnew::Beck worked with DBH and the Office of Substance Misuse and Addiction Prevention (OSMAP) to catalog roles and responsibilities of both offices on substance abuse, misuse, and prevention efforts; highlight where work is overlapping; and identify opportunities for current and future collaboration and support.