Family-Centered Substance Abuse Treatment and Supportive Housing

Agnew::Beck is currently assisting the State of Alaska Department of Health & Social Services (DHSS), Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) with the Anchorage-based replication and implementation of the SHIELDS for Families model, an innovative program from Southern California that jointly provides substance abuse treatment and housing services for families involved in the child protection system. The goal of the project is to increase reunification and stabilization for Alaskan families affected by substance abuse, homelessness and poverty. Using the foundation of the Alaska SHIELDS business plan drafted by DHSS in 2011, Agnew::Beck’s work includes convening key stakeholders to create a strategic plan outlining policy decisions, timelines for decision making, and issues and analysis required for all decisions made. Agnew::Beck is developing program design, financial and governance models that will guide the planning process and will help the State bring aboard the appropriate housing and treatment service providers and other key partners.  The final phase of this three-year project will involve providing recommendations to the public, governmental and private stakeholders, including the Alaska State Legislature, about program development, funding requirements and financial sustainability.