Iliuliuk Family Health Services Community Needs Assessment + Action Plan

Iliuliuk Family and Health Services, Inc. (IFHS) has a long history of providing services to the community of Unalaska since its official founding in 1972. The community health center serves two main communities: residents of Unalaska and the fishing fleet of the Bering Sea. IFHS makes operational shifts to accord with shifts in the fishing industry and the needs of workers and residents. The health center hired Agnew::Beck to conduct an analysis of community health needs, to assess the feasibility of a clinic expansion to meet those needs, and to recommend a strategy for aligning services to best meet current and future patient needs. Agnew::Beck worked with researchers from the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER), for the assessment.

The scope of work for this project encompassed three main phases:

  1. Assess community health needs and the health services currently provided within the city of Unalaska.
  2. Engage the community to share the results of the assessment and gather broad input through in-person interviews and meetings with key stakeholders. Conduct an in-depth services analysis.
  3. Assess the feasibility of expanding the health center’s services and facilities. Recommend a long-term strategy for aligning services with community health needs.

The project resulted in an improved understanding of community health needs and of customer concerns and organizational challenges. This understanding led to the adoption of a phased strategy for improving facilities and services.