Hillside District Plan

The Municipality of Anchorage commissioned the Hillside District Plan to provide greater specificity for land use and public services than the municipality-wide Anchorage 2020 Comprehensive Plan. It also replaces the Hillside Wastewater Management Plan. The Hillside District’s complex land use and infrastructure issues requires a plan that carefully considered multiple viewpoints to establish sound public policy that reflects the vision of residents and landowners for future Hillside District growth.

Agnew::Beck’s role included managing the plan’s land use component and guiding the work of subcontractors in six topic areas to perform a comprehensive development suitability analysis and to create an integrated set of policies addressing land use, open space and recreation, drainage, roads and trails, public water and sewer, and onsite wastewater. The process included an extensive public outreach and participation plan.

The plan highlighted several key issues.

The plan was adopted by the Anchorage Assembly April 13, 2010.