Meghan Holtan

meghanMeghan Holtan makes projects happen. From organizing youth circuses to improving bicycle infrastructure, she knows how to outline the steps and engage the right people to turn a plan into action. After many years of running a small arts business, Meghan returned to school to earn a master’s degree in environmental science with a concentration in environmental and community planning.  Her research interests include the socioeconomic benefits of green infrastructure. As a student, she worked as a research assistant during the school year and as a summer intern at Agnew::Beck. Since joining Agnew::Beck in 2010, Meghan has supported communities through mapping, best practices research and piloting interactive public participation activities. She enjoys methodical, high quality quantitative research to make community visions more tangible. She has traveled extensively in Alaska working with youth from Camp Sivunniigvik outside of Noorvik to charter schools in Anchorage.